Putting Man’s Law Before God’s

This is most disturbing:

Poland’s prime minister, Donald Tusk, on Tuesday weighed into an abortion debate that is roiling emotions in the largely Catholic country, saying doctors have to put their obligation to the patient and the law above their religious beliefs.

Tusk’s comment came after a well-known obstetrician in Warsaw, Bogdan Chazan, caused uproar by refusing to allow a woman to abort a fetus with serious head and brain defects. A declared Catholic, Chazan argued that an abortion would be against his personal beliefs and the woman now has to give birth to the child.

In Poland, abortion is legal until the 25th week of pregnancy when the mother’s life is at risk or if the fetus is badly damaged or the result of rape or incest.

“Regardless of what his conscience is telling him, (a doctor) must carry out the law,” Tusk said. “Every patient must be sure that … the doctor will perform all procedures in accordance with the law and in accordance with his duties.”

The woman has lodged a complaint with the health minister, who has ordered a review of the case.

Chazan is one of around 3,000 Polish doctors —from among some 161,000 — who have signed a “Declaration of Faith” saying they are believers and consider abortion, birth control, in vitro fertilization and euthanasia as being against their faith. The much-debated declaration also states the doctors “recognize the primacy of God’s law over human law” and see the need to “counter the imposed, anti-human ideologies of contemporary civilization.”

Poland’s influential Catholic Church has voiced its support for the doctors who have signed the declaration. – SOURCE – Daily Mail

What has become of Catholics when they put man’s law and adherence to it above God’s.  It is God’s law that children are gifts regardless of how they were conceived or formed.  It is man’s that such children can be thrown out in the trash.   No doctor should be told he must put man’s law above God’s for comfort and convenience.





“The world can be better if there’s love, tolerance and humility.”

warsaw-ghettoSome 20 years ago now, I knew a woman who was a Jewish refugee from the Soviet Union, originally from Odessa in Ukraine.  This woman was everything we know Eastern European women to be, but very smart, in her own way very good and knew the hypocrisies of American life for what they are.

When the film Schindler’s List was released, several people asked her if she had seen it and she said, “I don’t need to see it.  I know.  There were thousands who did what Walter Schindler did.”  (Emphasis hers.)

This week the world lost one such person.  Her name was Irena Sendler.  She was the daughter of a Polish physician and part of an underground network that smuggled thousands of children out of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw preserving their identities and locations should their families survive so that they might be reunited after the war.  Some were, some were not.

Her story appeared – for many of us for the first time – in the UK’s Daily Mail.  It is an extraordinary account of a woman determined to do good and serve humanity to the best of her ability with no desire for recognition, even though so many insisted.  It is definitely worth reading.

More than that, Ms. Sendler’s words toward the bottom of the article say more about the world than all the pundits preaching peace could ever hope to convey:

“After World War II, it seemed that humanity understood something, and nothing like that would happen again.

“Humanity has understood nothing. Religious, tribal, national wars continue. The world continues to be in a sea of blood.”

But she added: “The world can be better if there’s love, tolerance and humility.”

Pequiescat in pace, Ms. Sendler.