Forgetting the Soul

Not too long ago, I was watching an evening news story where a number of dead bodies resulting from a disaster were placed in a mass grave and covered with soil by an earth-mover. The reporter said, “Twenty souls buried.”

Twenty souls? How can a dead body be a soul? A soul is spirit, the eternal part of human existence, that which we feed with Faith and altruism. This is the part of us that goes to Heaven – or not – when our bodies die. This should be a no-brainer.

It is most distressing to hear people who claim to be Christian ignore this part of life and confuse it with what is mortal. The body is mortal – it dies. The soul is not and does not. It lives forever – and where it goes after earthly life depends on what we do with our mortal selves.

This is a truth that modern society, regardless of faith, does not want to hear. Every aspect of life as dictated by those who would control us, either by government, messages disseminated by the MSM or entertainment media and any other number of ways including wealth building, “healthcare” and more, concentrates on the here and now and not what our actions do to our souls.

Leaving aside day to day morality and how harmful the incivility and very base selfishness that has invaded our society is to the soul, consider for once the soul of the unborn child. Here is a person with unique DNA from the time of conception that at twenty-two days of life – twenty two days after his or her parents’ actions resulted in this child – has a heart-beat and blood. At this point, the baby has a head, a spinal cord developing and everything needed to become a viable and healthy adult so long as nurturing and care-taking occurs. Far from being a “clump of cells,” which implies randomness, an unborn person is an individual with cells ordered to make this transformation a reality.

This child also has a soul. A soul that is as unique as any adult’s. There is no “scientific” way to measure when and how the soul is attached and melded with the body, but all indications from Scripture are that they are inseparable from conception. In “science,” however, that is not admissible. It’s a matter of faith.

There are many stories of activists who pushed in the early days for “rights” for women to kill their children while still in the womb who changed sides after decades of participating in the holocaustic taking of truly innocent life. Several stand out, but in the case of the soul, one specific story is vital, not of an American, but a Serbian doctor who was visited in dreams by a man who he did not know at the time. The man is Thomas Aquinas, a canonized saint in the Catholic Church and, frankly, one of the most brilliant theologians to ever live. He appeared in a dream to this doctor, <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Stojan Adasevic</a>, along with all the children that Adasevic had killed during his career. The next day, Adasevic performed yet another of the procedures that gave him wealth and prestige and pulled a still beating heart from a womb. He gave up the practice that very day.

What this story does not tell is that even St. Thomas Aquinas, the angelic doctor who wrote devotional chants that we still use and is widely considered to be one of the Church’s most accomplished theologians, erred when it came to the soul. Even he thought the soul to be a later addition. Many believe his appearance to Dr. Adasevic was a way to atone for this. In the end it does not matter.

The soul is who and what we are as part of God’s plan. Forgetting this in the case of the unborn has resulted in the killing of a huge percentage of more than one generation. Even before the heart starts beating, a child is part of God’s plan. There is no getting around this for those who believe in God, His Son Jesus Christ and the message that He brought to us two thousand years ago. This is what the “progressives” want us to forget. This is why the truth of unborn child killing and methods to prevent a conceived child from growing inside of its mother is cloaked in euphemisms like “choice” and clinical terms meant to make it all sound “scientific” when they are simply the Latin words for baby, against conceiving, womb and to terminate prematurely.

As a culture, we’ve forgotten the soul. And women, who are privileged to carry more than one soul at a time, have betrayed their purpose in not standing up to men and reminding them of this fact. But, if one does not believe in the soul, it’s a very easy thing to forget – and to bury.


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